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Advice Dog

Advice Dog



Advice Dog is a popular Advice animal image macro. It features a picture of a smiling puppy on a multicolored color wheel background, split into 6 colors. Advice Dog usually features one to two lines of text written in an advising format. The advise is bad, unethical, and very poor.  Advice Dog is the original Advice Animal.


In 2006, from the Mario Fan site, The Mushroom Kingdom forum thread titled, “Guide to Kissing, the original blank Advice Dog template originated. The thread was posted by the user Mariko. The topic of Mariko’s thread was about his desire to request a role in his school;s upcoming play, The Diary of Anne Frank, for the sole purpose to achieve his first kiss. In the thread Mariko asks for recollections, personal experiences and advice.

A user TEM, real name Evan Herrington, posted, “Just do it, man”. As reply #21, TEM posted the original picture of his dog’s, Boba Fett, head on the color wheel background. TEM would confirm in teh same thread that he created the image of his dog with reply #26:

I made the picture. That’s my dog Bob Fett. After I had made it I said the almost same thing as IS.”





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