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Dramatic Chipmunk / Drama Prairie Dog

Dramatic Chipmunk / Drama Prairie Dog


Dramatic Chipmunk also referred to as Dramatic Prairie Dog is a video clip starring a sharp-eyed prairie dog that turns around dramatically. It was uploaded to YouTune in June 2007.


The prairie dog clip was taken from the Japanese TV Show Hello! Morning!, episode 7.



Youtuber, magnets99 uploaded a clip titled “Dramatic Look” featuring the footage of the prairie dog from the show set to a sample audio taken from the score of the 1974 Young Frankenstein film arranged by John Morris, on June 6, 2007.




13 days after it was uploaded to youtube, multiple instances of the same footage were being reblogged all over the interwebz.  Several videos were uploaded as remixes.



There have also been several spin offs and even people reacting the dramatic chipmunk.



There are many animated gifs of the dramatic chipmunk and his spinsoff.




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