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Trollface is one of the most common internet memes. This rage comic depicts a black and white drawing of a face with a huge mischievous grin. Trollface is used to indicate “trolling” in contemporary internet culture. Trollface is often posted after a user has posted inflammatory, off-topic, or random messages that steer a topic off-course. Trollface’s use is to make claim of “you got trolled”.  Trolls often post trollface in discussions they have trolled followed by a message to evoke an angry response such as “U Mad Bro?”


Many people believe the meme started on 4Chan, however it was actually originally posted on deviantArt by the user, Whynne. Whynne made a comic using MSPaint and uploaded it September 19th, 2008. The comic is about the pointless nature of trolling on 4Chan’s /v/.

The first Trollface

The first Trollface

He is was actually a mistake. Whynne claims in the original post on deviantART, that he was attempting to rip off comic character known as “Rape Rodent”. His failure however turned into a huge internet craze.

Rape Roden


Even though the character was first posted to deviantART, it did not become poplar until it was used in a board on 4chain. It was then that trollface exploded across the internet. It can be found in thousands of images, websites, videos, and threads.

Coolface vs Trollface

Trollface is also known as “Coolface”. Coolface originated from a comic posted on 4chan after the original trollface.



The coolface comic was posted to Ebaumsworld on November 30th, 2008.

Whynne Claims Copyright Infringement

On July 16th, 2011, a screenshot of an email from a man named Carlos Ramirez claiming to be Whynne was posted to Reddit. The email stated that the use of Trollface on Reddit violated his copyright on the image, and that he would like to have the subreddit removed.

Whynne Claims Copyright Infringement

The email was reposted to f7u12 in a thread titled “Looks like f7u12 is done”. A Redditor named Whynnereponded to the thread saying:

“You know what also makes me happy? Trolling reddit and seeing a shitstorm like this develop.”

The background image for the f7u12 pages was changed to a picture of trollface with the text “HEY WHYNNE… U MAD BRO?”.



Useless Info

  • Trollface is now a restricted image on wikipedia.
  • Most common catchphrases to use with trollface : “U Mad Bro?” and “Problem?”
  • Trollface was posted everywhere on deviantArt for 2011′s April Fools.
  • Reddit likes to claim that they invented the trollface. If you ever meet a reddit user who thinks that they invented trollface, just remind them about how their entire site is regurgitated 4chan memes.
  • A Facebook fan page has over 904,000 ‘likes’ as of July 25th, 2012.


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