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Chubby Bubbles Girl

Chubby Bubbles Girl


Chubby Bubbles Girl is a photoshop meme inspired by a photo of a girl running through a yard with a bubble maker in her hand. The series is similar to disaster Girl and Pepper Spray Cop, in that she is removed from her background and placed in other pictures.


The girl and photographer are unknown, however the original image appeared online via imageboard community 4chan in a /b/ thread posted on August 22, 2009.

Images containing an exploitable of the girl have also been referred to as “Bubbles Girl” and “Chubbles”, on 4chan.


Chubby Bubbles Girl became a popular subject for photoshop-related threads on 4chan imageboards in between August 22-23, 2009. Shortly soon after she made her way over to Tumblr.

BuzzFeed editor Scott Lamb created the post titled “What is Bubbles Girl Running From?” challenging readers to create their own photoshopped versions with an exploitable cutout, on September 12, 2009.

She’s got her bubbles, but she’s definitely on the run from something. Use our photo editor or grab the image transparency to help us find out!”





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