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Successful Black Man

Successful Black Man


Successful Black Man, aka “Successful Negro”, is an advice animal image macro series featuring a black man dressed in business attire. It is accompanied by a caption that is usually split into two that hints at racism in the first half and then finishes fitting the character.

The creator of the Successful Black Man series wishes to remain anonymous (must be a white guy >.> ), however in an email he sent he explains how the idea first came up while talking about reverse-discrimination issues at work.

I am the creator of Successful negro and thought I would fill you in on the exact details. This email address and name are made up as I wish to remain Anonymous, but you may call me Michelle Gellar.

It originated on 4chan and THEN spread to I put it on memegenerator only because I grew tired of manually editing the image for each macro or request. I tested the idea in several threads on 4chan and posted the template on several occasions. When updated their website, I lost access for editing the entry so I just left it to be. (You can still see some white pixels around the man and his suit where I cropped it from the original image, since I wasn’t able to upload a corrected version).

By far, the biggest challenge was finding an appropriate character. It took several tries to find the right “negro” but eventually I settled on what now exists. Thanks Google!”


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