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Sweet Jesus Face

Sweet Jesus Face

Sweet Jesus Face


Sweet Jesus Face / Sweet Jesus Have Mercy  is a rage comic face. The character is used to express overwhelming desire or enjoyment. It is very close to the Me Gusta meme. The meme was created in 2008.


Sweet Jesus Face originally appeared Nobody is Right. He featured a grin and his eyes were looking in the right direction. It was shared on deviantArt on September 16th, 2008 by 3-Angled-Blue.

Nobody is Right


The user Strongside of Facepunch used Sweet Jesus Face in the comic Troll Bait and uploaded on March 5, 2009.


Troll Bait

Reddit user Volco posted the first current version of Sweet Jesus face on February 5th, 2011. The current version features the grin flipped upside down and the left eye was moved to the far left.

Sweet Jesus Face

The first post was a multi-pane rage comic about the feeling of being extremely hungry and finally receiving pizza.

Sweet Jesus Face vs Me Gusta

Because Me Gusta and Sweet Jesus Face both signify pleasure, it has stirred up debates on when to use them. It is suggested that Me Gusta should be reserved for enjoyment in something perverted or strange, while Sweet Jesus should be used for a general sense of intense pleasure.

Sweet Jesus vs Me Gusta


socks. sniff sniff


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