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“Y U NO” Guy

“Y U NO” Guy Meme

"Y U NO" Guy

“Y U NO” Guy


“Y U NO” Guy is a rage comic used as an image macro series. It combines a character with shorthand text (SMS) and carefree grammar as a way to bring the reader’s attention to a particular subject or issue. “Y U NO” is a text form of ” Why You NO”, which in proper English would be “Why don’t you”.

His face is believed to be traced from a Japanese sci-fi manga / anime series Gantz.

Gantz Y U NO


The first sighting of the “Y U NO” phrasal template was first posted on LOLTumblrWallpapers. It featured the Gantz character placed in the center of a beige/light brownish background with the text “I TXT U, Y U NO TXT BAK!?”. It gained over 10,000 reblogs and likes on Tumblr.


MemeGenerator added a exploitable version of  “Y U No” Guy, creating dozens of derivative images baded on the formulaic sentence: “(X, subject noun), <Font color=cccccc> [WH]Y <Font color= cccccc> [YO]U NO (Y,verb)?”.


In the span of few weeks, Tumblr and MemeGenerator have gathered up a sizable collection of the macro series: either as the image, or in text form without the face. It has been also featured on FunnyJunk and other culture-related blogs.

Useless Info

  • The meme is searched on the internet as “TXT BAK” or “Y U NO?”.
  • “Y U No” Guy has its own “plz” account on DeviantART, so users can create their own “Y U NO TROLL” easily.
  • Its been used on signs in Lybia and other places, asking their government: Y U NO!?.

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